Lab Group




Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury



Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cooperating Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Principal Investigator, Video Computing Group




WCH 431, UC Riverside

Phone: (951) 827-7886


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Dr. Roy-Chowdhury leads the Video Computing Group at UCR, working on foundational principles of computer vision, image processing, and vision-based statistical learning, with applications in cyber-physical, autonomous and intelligent systems. Prof. Roy-Chowdhury's research has been supported by various US government agencies and private industries. His research group has published close to 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals and top conferences, including ~50 journal papers and another ~45 in highly competitive computer vision conferences. He is the first author of the book Camera Networks: The Acquisition and Analysis of Videos Over Wide Areas, the first monograph on the topic. His work on face recognition in art was featured widely in the news media, including a PBS/National Geographic documentary and in The Economist. He is on the editorial boards of major journals and program committees of the main conferences in his area. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and IAPR. For more details, please see his CV

Research Interests

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Statistical Signal Processing and Machine Learning
  • Information Forensics
  • Vision Sensor Networks
  • Multimedia
  • Biomedical Image Processing


  • EE114 - Probability, Random Variables and Processes in Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate Core Class)
  • EE215 - Stochastic Processes (Graduate Core Class)
  • EE236 - State and Parameter Estimation (Graduate Elective Class)
  • EE241 - Advanced Digital Image Processing (Graduate Elective Class)
  • EE243 - Advanced Computer Vision (Graduate Elective Class)
  • EE247 - Current Topics in Computer Vision (Graduate Elective Class)